Sometimes God has to smack you.
Saturday, April 09, 2005

Have you ever had one of those moments where you're like, here I am complaining and there are people in this world who have like next to nada? Or if you're like me, maybe you use the phrase eat all your food bc there are starving kids in Africa who have nothing to eat, like a big smart aleck. Well let me tell you my world is officially rocked. We didn't get home from my sister's until 10pm tonight bc we didn't leave the fiesta til 730 and my mom needed ballasts for lights in her store bc 4 had gone out and it's getting too dark in there.

Okay so anyway my kids had fallen asleep and I told my dad when we were turning down our road stop and let me check my mail which is at the end of the driveway. So when I got my mail I glanced at the envelopes and there was this weird blue foreign airmail letter thingy.
ghana4 click to enlarge

I was like what the heck, batman? I turned it over and looked at the return address.
Again, dude what IS this? And where is Prampram? Looked again at the front and noticed the Ghana thing going on.
At first i thought it was from this chick I know who is a missionary in Africa but then I remembered she lives in Kenya and sometimes the Congo so it would not be from her. And that's definitely not her name either. Then I was like oh yes you smart girl this is one of those scams they've been having where someone in Africa gets to be your friend and then they ask to wire money to your account and scam the living crud out of you and leave you penniless.

When I got in I started to read it- it is in stilted English- so I had to keep re-reading to understand what it says.
Dear Sir/Maddam
I am very happy to write you this letter. First of all how are you and your family. i hope by the graace of God you are all well as I am in Prampram.
I am very happy for the gift giving to me. I ask teh blessings of God on you and your family, may the HolySpirit protact you and family. I thank for the gift giving to me, the pen, pencils, torticas, car, animal kingdom toothbrush, shapiner, subtraction flash crads, torch light, coam, office parpas, and the best one the book with the titale the greatest gift of all.
I am very greatful for all this gift giving to me. I am very happy Good bye. May God bless you and your people. May God increas your life and I look forward to hearing from you and as soon as I can.

As I read it, I realized what the heck this was about. Last Christmas we did Operation Christmas Child boxes at my church. You go and buy like toys, pens, toothbrushes, and stuff and put them in a shoebox and they say you can put pictures and your name and address if you want. So in mine I put my address and a picture of the girls. I got the stuff at the dollar store I think. So dude, that was Christmas. It's now April. This letter was postmarked March 31st. Some kid in Ghana Africa got my box. He or she (I can't tell from the name) is happy to have a toothbrush, mini flashlight and a pencil and a book. I am such a greedy American materialistic hedonsitic pig. (see pic below for proof) Oh God you sure do know how to get me, dontcha big Guy?
Here I am sitting in a my house stuffed full of unnecessary crapola and this kid is telling me thank you for a toothbrush. My kids have electric Elmo toothbrushes and so much junk I'm tripping over it.

Thank you God for what you have given us. I'm an ungrateful twerp. Please forgive me.

PS I'm sending this kid some more stuff like paper pencils batteries toothbrushes etc. Don't you want to send some stuff?

Amishada Appertey Agingo
Prampram D/A JSS
PO Box 12


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