Ba ba bu-fye.
Saturday, April 09, 2005

Earlier today I took the girls out to the monkey pen to run em down so they would be sleepy for their nap since we have to go to the party this afternoon. They can point out butterflies in books but just from seeing drawings- last year they were too little to pay attention. Today we were playing and a butterfly was fluttering around the grass. I said "Look girls, a butterfly, go see!" At first I think they didn't know if I was serious bc like I said they've never really seen a real one up close or paid attention to them. Then they saw the motion and ran over to check it out. They were sooooo adorable chasing it all around. When it would land they would run over and watch it til it moved then off they would go. When it finally flew away I said"Bye bye butterfly" and they both said, "ba ba bu- fye" while waving with their fat little hands.


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