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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What is up with me the past few days? Several things, the main one being that we finally have had some nice days here in Monkeyville. The girls sleep sooo much better when they have been outside running around like wild banshees. Last year my dad built what we call the monkey pen. It's this huge square playyard in the field beside my house. By field I mean like, field. A huge lot that when I was little used to be planted with soybeans but up until we moved back over here had nothing. For a while my ex had turned it into a mini golf course then last year it was just grass and my dad built this humongous outside romper room. It's close enough too so I my cordless phone works out there. I promise pictures this weekend.

The way my dad does projects, he starts off small then it evolves into something big. It was gonna be just a little fenced in area for them to run around in and it turned into this indescribable yard with a custom swing out double handmade gate like a corral or something.

So I decided it looked so big and empty I needed to fill it up. I got on the hunt for secondhand outside toys. My main mission was to find one of those big cool plastic playhouses and some climby stuff. The main local radio station here, of which there are two by the way, I mean we can get like 10 on the radio (woo-hoo) but only two broadcast from here, has this show everyday where people buy sell and trade stuff like old junk and cars and stuff so I said I wanted to buy used toys and after about 3 days or so I hit the goldmine. Some lady had this Little Tikes Playhouse the one that makes sounds like a doorbell etc that costs like 89 bucks or more depending onthe website for 10 dollas baby. Oh yeah. Then I got a whole bunch of other cheap stuff for like probably 45-50 total- 2 Little Tikes tables w chairs, cars you ride in and/or push along, a climber castle w sliding board and when you drive by it looks like I'm gonna open a daycare.

What was my original point here? Oh yeah, me being a slackbutt lame-o non poster. So, every night I have been outside chasing them, playing w them, taking them biking around town or walking w them in their stroller. Then I bring them in give them a bath, put jammies on, do the bedtime routine which is a complicated process in and of itself, and dude I'm like demolished. I collapse into a lifeless lump. The main reason being I have been eating junk like you would not believe and my gut is bigger than a Japanese sumo wrestler sorry to gross you out. But it's true. Every extra ounce I gain goes straight to the tum tum. I'm serious I'm looking at myself right now and I look like this.
Okay so then I'm depressed cuz my gut is big so guess what I do? You got it bub. Eat something. (Male readers pardon the female stuff but it must be said.) I mean I am carrying about 8 lbs of water on top of it but come on I've got to get a grip. I think it's something about the change in seasons that makes me wacked out. Or maybe I'm just mental and more aware of it right now. ANYWAY, can you say choc-o-hol-ic??

So plus my workload has approximately doubled in the last 2 weeks and I have about 5 side projects I'm working on with deadlines so that's on my mind alot too. Plus honestly I do believe writing what I wrote on the other blog has drained my emotional energy and I'm trying to get the gumption to finish the story already but I already know the end so it's not so happy of an ending for me but I want to do it I just have to be in the right mood to write it. Have I completely lost you now?
In summary these are some reasons I have not written anything or been to your blog to post comments but I am sosososoo sorry and I promise I will be there ASAP probably tomorrow Friday the latest? Do you forgive me? and if not I still love you anyway. xo k8

PS I got my first facial peel
PPS I haven't totally decided on a computer yet.
PPPS Here are my kids at bedtime tonight in case you missed them.
Hannah tries to delay bedtime by adjusting her pillow to every conceivable position before it's juuuust right.
Lily tattling on Hannah the best she can with a pacifier in, really just pointing and grunting, the meaning of which was, Maaaaaa, she's not being still so we can read our bedtime boooookss.

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