An ottoman would be nice too.
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My sister thinks she's hot stuff now that she has her own blog. However, she only posts like every tenth day so what's up with that? Everybody should go over there and harass her.

Today after I had my coffee, btw the monks slept til 8- hurray, we played Magnadoodle in the living room, had breakfast, etc., and I came back here to my room where the computer is. I opened their bedroom door bc they like to play in their room and I only let them go in there when I'm on the computer so they think it's something exciting. I heard some noises and went to investigate. They were standing guiltily in the hall outside their room holding these hair clips that were on TOP OF THE DRESSER that they're not allowed to have. I though, how did they get those? and looked in their room and saw this.

Nobody believes me when I try to tell them that they team up together to figure out how to get stuff they want. I confiscated the Pepsi crate and came back in here. I heard noises again and yelled what are you doing? I got up and went in and saw this.

No bueno batman. This is the reason their pink princess beds are bolted to the wall and the dresser is the only other thing in the room. The dresser is really heavy and the drawers are hard to open so thank goodness they can't do that yet. They're only 2 for crying out loud. I want a normal house with real furniture like a coffee table or something someday. Maybe when they go to college.


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