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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Pray for me as I am taking the monkeys to get their pics taken today. No, really, you don't understand, it's not a pretty scene. Sears Portrait Studio is scarred permanently when we leave each time. I'm going because I have the Smile Savers that expires soon and I found a coupon in a magazine for 3.99 portrait sheets. That's super cheap. They normally have to take about 12 pictures before they get even one where they're both looking at the camera. They have to call in an extra person to dance around and throw a ball and make the stuffed animals dance to get the girls to look. Everyone is usually pouring down sweat when it's over from the exertion. Why do I keep torturing myself like this?? Every time when it's over I say "I'm NEVER doing this again." But the one picture I do get out of 453 is sooo cute I can't stand it- I go back for more abuse. Kids- they suck your brain out and you enjoy it.


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