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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh yeah I bet that title scared ya didn't it? Here she goes again, religious nutso extraordinaire. Well I was talking to a friend earlier today. He told me he has decided that all religions are basically the same and there's just one God who manifests himself differently based on your beliefs. So he has started reading all the different "bibles" as he calls of them, of the different religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc, whatever he can find so that he prove his point. We often have discussions re Christianity bc obviously he knows I'm a Christian so he's always trying to come up with these existential questions about the Bible, Jesus, etc to ask me. Right now he's off on this topic. He says his mind just cannot grasp the concept that there could only be one true God and everybody else who doesn't believe that will go to hell. What about kids born in Muslim countries who have never heard about Christianity or jungle dwellers deep in the rainforests who never see another human besides their tribe members? he asked me. Are they automatically sentenced to Hell? I'm not telling you what my responses to him were here, but I did respond based on my Biblical knowledge and then I sent him some links to one of my favorite websites carm.org. He also told me he doesn't like the whole exclusivity factor of Christianity and the fact that Christians try to convert other people. Not to mention that I think all religions will try to convert you if given the opportunity, but I listened to his points and we had a nice conversation- no me beating him over the head with a Bible or damning him to eternal hellfire and blazes or anything like that.

Which brings me to a point I was gonna make yesterday but couldn't get my brain truly focused on how I wanted to say it. 2 posts ago when I was talking about the Bike Blessing at my church, I made a joke about beer. A joke- for crying out loud -that offended somebodies reading my website. They didn't think it was funny and how dare I joke about stuff like that if I call myself a Christian. I do understand that there are alot of Christians who don't drink alcohol and don't even joke about it. Then there are other Christian denominations who don't see anything wrong with a drink. I can't say that I know of any who are down with getting sloppy drunk and barfing in the toilet bowl, but there are different levels of acceptance of all different issues in the Christian community. There are even some denominations who believe they will be the only ones in Heaven and everybody else in all the other churches is WRONG WRONG WRONG and DAMNED. I'm not even going there. That's a scary place because I think it's people like that who make non Christians think that all Christians are wacked out nutjobs who want to tie you down and brainwash you.

What is my point here? you ask with a sigh. My point is Come on Christian people- lighten up a little for cryin out loud. Isn't knowing Christ supposed to make you joyful? Don't you know that Jesus came to earth as a human being and experienced all our human emotions? That's how he understands us so well, not only because of the whole Trinity thing- God made us, the Holy Spirit is with us, but also because Jesus is the Son of God and he came to earth and lived a human existence and guess what? He didn't sit up in the Temple pointing fingers at folks who were naughty. He got down with them in the bars, with the prostitutes, the taxmen, all the lowdown dirty dogs of society and He didn't write them an email and tell them they offended Him bc they were joking around and having fun.

The essential tenents of Christianity- the Apostles' Creed for a random example, are a common thread for all true Christians. Jesus wants the world to know He's here for everybody, not just an exclusive few. He wants Christians to go into the world and preach that Gospel. People do that in different ways. But folks ain't gonna wanna listen to what you have to say if you're all uptight and holier than thou. We're supposed to be the salt and light. That means making Christian life taste good to people and illuminating them by our brightness. Not shhhhing people and acting like we have a proverbial pole stuck somewhere.

I can say this bc I have lived at both extremes of the spectrum- sinful and wild and uptight and holy. Neither lifestyle or appearance of such is gonna help win souls. I am not saying do and say whatever you want but we as Christians need to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take everything so daggon seriously. I'm sorry but if you can go in a Christian store and not find something funny in the whole modern Christian marketing scene you have no sense of humor. With my sick sense of humor I find a water bottle imprinted with Come Thirsty to promote Max Lucado's new book a hoot. That doesn't mean that I don't take that verse or the concept of it seriously. Imagine Jesus walking through the local Christian store looking at the flip flops, purses, ties, 10 billion keychains, and stuffed Veggie Tale dolls. Not anything wrong with them but is that what Christianity is supposed to be about? I'm not trying to start a big riot here- just don't be a Pharisee pointing your finger at everybody and judging them.

They will know we are Christians by our love, not by our WWJD bracelets. xok8

PS Wanna hear something else that will scare ya?I'm a certified lay speaker in my denomination. That means I fill the pulpit when the Pastor's not there. How 'bout them apples?
PPS Even though you don't like my opinions I still love ya.*mwah* smoochykins



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