Answers to the True/False Quiz
Sunday, May 01, 2005

(If you haven't read the previous post, you will just ruin for yourself if you read this first.)

1. False. I won by using a combo bodyslam/headlock move.
2. False. But if you have been reading my blog you know that I did see MC Hammer actually wearing Hammer pants.
3. False. I do not do it occasionally, I do it often.
4. True. TRUE TRUE TRUE. So sue me.
5. False. I would never be on guitar- I'm always lead vocalist. I rock.
6. False. I don't think it I KNOW IT for a fact buddy.
7. True. But my brother was in on it too because it was his Kindergarten Graduation Certificate that we used as a false document bc it had a gold seal.
8. False. Ha! Tricked ya.
9. Oh so true.

See attached proof that my children really are monkeys.
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