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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

As you know, Monkeyville is a rural area. Our little piece of the globe is an expansive stretch of land with pine forest on two sides. We have alot of wild creatures who frolick gaily 'round the yard- squirrels, birds, moles, frogs, ickypoo snakes, and mainly the ubiquitous bunny rabbit. Lots and lots of happy wappy fuzzy wuzzy baby bunnies. I like them hopping in the yard. Not wrapped in an old rag by my father and brought into my kitchen.

I think they're baby bunnies. They're so little their eyes aren't open yet and ohmygosh I think they're gonna kick the big bunny bucket bc I am the one who got stuck with them. I mean blessed with them.I mean I hope they're rabbits- what else could they be? They're definitely not rats. I looked up what to give baby bunnies whose mommies don't love them anymore and it says give them Kitten Milk Replacement. Oh yes. That's a staple item in everyone's pantry. I looked to see if I had any old powdered baby formula but alas no. Second choice, heavy cream. um.no I try to avoid it. Okay a can of Hispanic Nestles Media Crema, that's the closest to anything I got. I mixed it with some of the girls' organic milk and a little h20, and ahoy mateys, down the hatch it went. I left my camera at work so all I had was my cell phone to show you. click to bigify


I do have experience in forcing preemies to drink milk ya know. I ruled. They really drank it. Wowee zowee I'm a rabbit trainer. Really, they're sooo little I think they will probably die. But I will try. I mean, I didn't kill my first two, so the odds are probably in my favor right? Okay wanna see em again?


Kissy kissy. The girls were totally freaking. They wanted to touch em but I wouldn't let them bc they might have cooties or something. But I found out that "Ssssshhh the baby bunnies are sleeping" is a great way to shut up 2 year olds. Try it sometime.

In other notascuteasbabybunnies news, I got a pedicure yesterday. We get them free once a month at my job. No, I don't work in a nail shop, a lady comes to the office I told you my feet were weird in my 100 things list but you wouldn't believe me.


Also, my day without the internet was the absolute worst. The morning wasn't so bad but I started jonesin hard right about lunch time and it got continually worse. When I got home, after kissing my kids of course, my mom was here, so I ran wildly walked calmly back to my room and clickity clickity clicked like a madwoman.

BTW on the tanning tip, I have gone from glowing white to a nice cream/eggshell. I do believe golden bronze is in my not-so-distant future.



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