I wanna be sedated.
Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pray for me as I will have no access to a computer ALL DAY tomorrow from 7am til 5pm. Oy vey to the max dude. Whatevah shall I do? (places palm on forehead.) This will be a test of mental versus physical addiction. Will I start shaking and need warm compresses applied?

Anyway I wanted to show you what I cooked for dinner Sunday. Stuffed shrimp. Deeeelish.
P1010003 (click to bigify) size compared to a penny
P1010002 size compared to a plastic fish from a Happy Meal.

These little beauties got cleaned and butterflied and stuffed with crab imperial made with fresh crab meat.
P1010005 MMM MMM Good!

P1010019 after the oven

Served with small new red potatoes and a salad of field greens with sesame ginger teriyaki dressing. Gourmet goodies.

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