RIP Cuddles
Saturday, May 07, 2005

Let me just say that going into this I had no delusions of bunny grandeur. I did not picture me and the girls and Cuddles and Snuggles romping in a technicolor field on a sunny day with "Born Free" playing in the background. (Though now that I think about it, that would be cool.) No, I knew what the odds were from the getgo. Really, I didn't even expect them to be alive the first morning. I grew up with experiences of abandoned wild bunny babies and I know that most don't live.
A very nice well- meaning person left me a comment on the last bunny post, and really, I do appreciate it. I guess she thought that judging from what she read I was just a jokah, playing mommy with the baby bunbuns. I do have a tendency to look at things from a humorous standpoint, and I thank the manufacturers of Lexapro for enhancing that natural trait in me over the past year. I am a funny gal, I cannot help that, it was passed to me genetically from my dad's side, sorry mommy. But I had already read all about wild baby bunnies on the internet and I was just going to try anyway bc although some may say I should have just let them die the first night outside in the cold, that goes against my personality. I love animals, even fetal looking bunny babies. I would not have been able to sleep thinking of their widdle stiff bodies laying in the woods.
What happened was I put them in a plastic bowl with rags in it like I had read on this vet's website. It was in a shoebox. Sometime during the night Cuddles hopped out of the bowl in the shoebox and became trapped between the bowl and the shoebox wall and was probably too cold. Her little body didn't have rigor mortis when I found her so she couldn't have been dead a long long time.
On a brighter note, Snuggles is still feisty today. She was crazy for food when I took her out this morning and ate alot of milk plus pancakes and sausage. Her eyes still aren't open but her ears are starting to stand up and her tail is starting to assume the bunny position. She is definitely a lover and a fighter. I still have hope for her, even after the demise of Cuddles. So there.


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