A slice of Middle America
Sunday, May 08, 2005

Walmart is the ultimate showcase for greedy American consumerism and I can't stay away. Whenever I'm near one I must venture inside to see what plastic shiny things I cannot live without and marvel at the plethora of products offered for sale that cover every racial, cultural and gender spectrum you could possibly imagine. Tonight was no different.

Things I Resisted Buying:
A t shirt (I'm assuming hockey related) that says "You slice the ice- or pay the price."
A child sized shiny pink papasan chair (I would've had to buy 2 of course)
A elephant shaped peanut butter maker. No lie. It was in the toy section with the Easy Bake Ovens and the Snoopy Snocone Machine.
A neon rainbow pack of plastic Solo cups (that'll shoot the ozone layer all to heck, kids.)
All things Mary Kate & Ashley

Things I Did Not Resist Buying:
2 new sets of shoes for my mammals
A set of sand scooper toys shaped like crabs. (they rock & 88 cents for 2- come on.)
A box of Cinnabon soft cookies
Underwears with monkeys on them.

I am just a cog in the consumer wheel, people.

PS snuggles is still kickin!- keep those cards and letters coming.
More tomorrow and/or when my brain is back at at least 80% minimum function.
Happy Mommy's Day to the mommies of the world.


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