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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Okay, where shall I begin? I'm at work trying to get everything I need to finish finished before I leave. Then my mom calls me at like 1 and tells me remember I was taking your gmom(she's 91) to the doctor this morning bc she was having back pain, well they think it's either her heart or her aortic aneurysm leaking and we're on the way to the Emergency Room. No way I can leave my job bc I have patients til 4. Thank God for Bob and Sue- they go pick up the monks from playcare and I go to the hospital when I get off. They're waiting on test results. Oy vey.

So the doctor comes in and says we can't find any cause for the pain she's having- her heart is fine and her aneurysm is the same so there's no explanation. I'm like, um did you do an xray of her spine seeings as she has BACK PAIN and she has already had one vertebral compression fracture. He looks at me with a "ba-dubba-duuuh" look and says, well yes I guess that would be a good idea. Hello, she's has been here since noon and it's 7pm and you're thinking that's a good idea???? Off she goes back to Radiology. Anyway still nothing. There's no explanation.

So come home, chase children into bath, get them into bed, read books, say prayers, recite Goodnight Moon without which one absolutely cannot go to sleep, then start laundry for trip and slump into computer chair. Gug.

A possible solution has happily arisen for my internet issues. The hotel where I'm staying has high speed access and my brother's coming up to visit while we're there and he's gonna bring his laptop so maybe...otherwise I dunno.

I was planning on doing the music meme tonight but alas, I haven't the energy maybe if I get up early enough in the morning. Plus I haven't hardly gone to read any other blogs in forever. Bad bad k8ykins.

I hope there's a pool at my hotel and a Starbuck's nearby. I hope I get to go to Graceland. I hope I can live without my babies for 5 days. Hey Memphis- r ya ready for me cuz here I come. (If I could sing and/or play piano I would belt this bad boy out like a champ.) Everybody sing along.




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