Mystery Girl.
Saturday, May 21, 2005

LLCoffe asked me what I was doing here. Well see, I don't bring any specifics about my job into my blog cuz I work in the medical field and everything is protected. So I will never be able to tell you on my blog what my title is or what type of work I do. But what I am doing in Memphis is a course for an additional certification for my position. That tells you nothing specific, sorry!

Today is more hands on so it's not quite as bad as yesterday which was almost 100% lectures all day long. Tonight we're going somewhere and doing something- I'm not sure yet - with a lady who is now my friend and my mom's- she's w me (my mom) I forgot to say - we met her at the salon I went to and she's from here and divorced and a Christian and sosososo sweet so I think we're going to dinner or something. Seeings as I have a big mouth I tend to accumulate new acquaintances everywhere I go. Makes life more interesting. She breeds Pomeranians and her dog just had puppies (squeal) I want to see them!!!

End of break. xok8


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