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Thursday, June 02, 2005

I noticed something last night that made me wonder...who thought of this??? I was pouring my delicious ice cold glass of bedtime milk and I noticed that the jug said "Enjoy by June 3." When did we transition from having just the date on the jug? What about good ole "Expires June 3?" Is that too politically incorrect bc the word expire also means die and the milk board thought you would think you would die if you drank it after that date?And really who are they to command me to enjoy it before a certain date? What if I don't want to enjoy the milk? What if I have to drink it for medicinal purposes and I don't enjoy it? Should I not drink it if I can't enjoy it? What if I want to enjoy it after June 3 bc I sniff it and it smells okay? Will it not be enjoyable? What is wrong w our society for pete's sake?

ps who is pete?


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