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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hmmmmm. From Fizzykins. 10 things I have never done??? Should these be things I want to do or just whatevah?

I will let you guess. 5 I want to do- which ones are they?

1. I have never run with the wolves or danced with the dolphins.
2. I have never marched on Washington with a big banner that says "Free the wild monkeys!"
3. I have never been to the ruins of Pompeii to see those cool frozen in time people.
4. I have never read the entire Bible from front to back.
5. I have never worked as a one of those chicks who walks around department stores spraying people with perfume.
6. I have never jumped out of an airplane.
(This list is hard bc I used to be so extremely naughty. I can't think of alot of stuff I haven't done.)
7. I have never seen Willie Nelson in concert.
8. I have never ever been spit on by a llama.
9. I have never had self control with lemon poundcake.
10. I have never been a person who says "never say never!"

I'm obligated by blogosphere etiquette to tag 3 people. I pick Christi, Sandy, and my nose. JUST JOKING. My sister.

Reader challenge # 2 : What are the captions for these photos??


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