Now it's just a mild throb, thanks.
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My brain was sucked out tonight by shrieking primates with snot the color of that green slime they used to drop on peoples' heads on Nickolodeon. It was painful and lasted about 3 hours but all the other parts of me survived. In case your kids won't take liquid antibiotics when they're supposed to, try Suprex- it tastes like sweety fruity yumyum that I call "the special banana juice." Slurpy slurpers. Not that I'm advocating anibiotics so don't get on my case all you anti medicine mommies out there. I'm just sayin' if yer kid won't take anything else when they have to- try this one.

There go my great blogging expectations for the evening- I promise I was going to write something very clever and witty to make up for the toe cheese incident but now nothing happens when I press play in my head.

So in lieu of that I thought we could have a little fun here boys and squirrels...why don't you the lovely readers and smart folks that you are suggest some possible topics for me to write about tomorrow- nothing boring please like Gee It's Fun Being a Mommy or Potty Training- When Are They Ready? Be a little creative -it could be anything, just anything in the whole world your big ole brain can pop out. Come on, give me some imaginative kindling for my big blogfire.
There will be a prize of some species for the topic I pick to expound upon.

Wait, is this a contest now? Yeah, that's it, I'm a having a contest!! My little blog is sponsoring a contest. Okay let's see let's expand the timeframe to get the action going here...48 hours. Crank up the computer and get ta thinking... hit me with your best shot- fire away. Now sing that song out loud. Even if you're at work just stand up and belt it out at your cubicle. Then be sure to tell me what happens.


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