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Sunday, June 12, 2005

...if your name is Gina! Congrats to Gina Bo Beena who has been selected as the first place weiner in the monkey blogapalooza suggested subject contest. Her idea was...Blog Etiquette Guide. I will be blogging that subject this week when the creative mood strikes mes o stay tuned. really I liked everyone's ideas that's why everybody gets a prize.
If you're Gina you get the blue ribbon but if you're anybody else you get the green ribbon. Of course you can have this for your blog if you like but if you want to you can print it out and tape it on your shirt too.

Yesterday was the festvial at my church. I was the face painter. It was my first time ever and I had lots of fun. I took a few pics so here they are if you would like to see. If you want your face painted it's only 2.00 plus airfare to where you live.
memphis 004memphis 006
memphis 003memphis 002
As you can see butterflies were the most popular request though for boys I did alot of spiders and tiger faces. And cute puppy faces for little kids with a tongue drawn on right under their mouth I shoulda taken more pics oh well.

Excitement on the monkey homefront...we're finally meeting 2 lovable bloggers and their precious little pumpkins next Sat but i'm not gonna tell u who until afterwards ok u can guess if ya want.



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