Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Yes, monkey maniacs, only 24 brief little hours left for you submit your idea for the monkeyblog-apalooza showdown. I do have to say, I am intrigued by the topics so far. Don't forget Rule # 47328478-B of the contest which states "All contestants may submit multiple entries on multiple days as often as the mood hits em." Also, some more good news- you do not have to be present at my house to win this contest. I know you were wondering but it's way too messy for guests right now.

Now for info about the prize...we're sorry that everyone who enters can't win the bigdaddyjackaroo prize but as your mom told you it's not whether you win or lose, it's how good you look doing either. All entrants will receive a consolation award based on their number of entries and creativity involved in dreaming up said entries.

If you are new here you are eligible as well. Just read the previous post and submit your creative witty or semicrude ideas for a topic for me to blog upon. And remember- normality will get you nowhere round these parts buckaroo.

Here's a question I though of for myself although I am not eligible to win- Is it sick to have so much fun wacking pictures out on Digital Image Pro? Cuz baby i'm addicted. The possibilities are endless which in my case can also mean scary. Email me your photos and tell me what you want added, taken away, colored, etc and I will work those puppies big time! I am all about some special effects, okay?

Alright I guess that's it folks. Love ya & want more of ya kids!


ps if kids were robots you could hit the mute button.

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