Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sunday was a deliciously relaxing day. Mom and I went to the beach by ourselves for a few hours before our friends brought the girls down. The weather was so perfect and the sky looked like a little glimpse of Heaven. You know when you see something sooo beautiful and you have to take a picture? Then when you see the picture it doesn't look the same. The sky was so turquoise blue and the clouds were like poofs of bright white cotton ripped out of a pillow. But the pix don't capture it completely. Then later after we were home Dad took the girls outside to fly a kite for the first time. Well actually they were doing more falling down from looking up at the kite while running in circles, but they had fun anyway. Here's some snaps.

Monday was work and today I went over to my sister's to get a pedicure and shop around the area. Someone had told me about, tempted me actually, with monkey t shirts at Target. So I go there and guess what? No monkeys anywhere. Boo hoo. Oh well. I got lots of good stuff anyway. New denim capris and a new beach bag (pink of course) on clearance.

This morning Lily woke up with her eye swollen like crazy from 2 mosquito bites so she looked like she had gotten punched in the eye. Last year they had such violent reactions to bites I was hoping they would outgrow it, but no. I gave her Zyrtec and it's almost gone tonight. Also last night I felt so bad bc I was closing the bathroom door and Lily stuck her fingers in the opposite side at the same time and I squished her fat little ring finger. She was screaming bloody murder. I just about had a cow bc it turned purple and the skin was even ripped. This morning however, it was fine. Even though it wasn't my fault I still felt horrible. Ay, the perils of childhood.

Is it possible to put my kids in a protective bubble dome like that Geodome thing until they're at least 18? Thanks.


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