Sunday, June 19, 2005

Just checking to let you know we just got in from our weekend mayhem a couple of hours ago. We had a wonderful time with Echo and Shanee and I'm hoping they still like us after meeting us live and in monkey person(s.) ha! Of course their kids are even cuter in real life than in blogdom. I will post pics tomorrow. Not mentioning that we got in a traffic jam and it took us 2 hours to make a 45 minute trip. We were supposed to be at the party at 12 and we got there at 1:30. Oy vey! I'm so sorry guys. It was worth it though, even if we couldn't stay super long. (insert emotional sniffle) You know a party rocks if hillbilly teeth are in the favor bags, right?

The girls didn't take well at all to their sleeping bag things and stayed up almost all night last night then acted like holy terrors today. I am completely thrashed bc we had a dad's day cookout at my sister's this afternoon before we came home. My sis made the best most delish lemon butter cream layer cake with lemon curd filling. If she ever blogged she could tell u about it, but evidently she has deccided she is too cool for the blogosphere. Chuh right. Okay I totally have to crash before my brain melts. Lawd have mercy, do I really have to be at work at 7am tomorrow? Say it ain't so.


ps love the bible verse today.( if you're reading this on sunday you can see it over there<---. if not, james 1:16-18)


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