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Friday, June 17, 2005

Tonight my mom and I were out shopping. As we were going out of the shop it started to downpour but it was still sunny so we stood and waited for the shower to finish. My mom said "Ahoy ye maties a rainbow on the starboard side!" HA! no really she said"Look a big ole rainbow!" And waddaya know there it was the hugest jumbogigantic rainbow I have ever seen. I tried to take some pics but of course I couldn't get the whole thing on my camera phone just the part nearest us when it stopped raining altogether. I used my camera phone so it's kinds blurry but dude, it was cool.

The Bible says that God realized that man would remain sinful, so he decided never to curse the ground for our sake, and never to kill every living thing again as he had done with the flood. So God made a promise to never destroy the earth by a flood again. When God makes a promise, he keeps it. As a sign of his promise, he placed the rainbow in the sky whenever it rained.
God's sign that he would remember his promise was the rainbow. Did you ever wonder what a rainbow was made of? It is made of light. In fact, it is made of seven colors of light. It only occurs when it rains. The light of the sun shines through the rain, causing the light to bend (or refract) and reflect off the rain. The rain acts like a prism, splitting the white light into the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (deep blue), and violet (purple). They always stay in the same order. It always forms an arch. Does this sound like a God thang? Yes, it is very orderly and dependable, just like God.
I do believe this was the coolest super hugest rainbow I ever did see! I wish you could have been there to see it too bc pictures really don't do it justice!!! It was gorgalicious to the max!

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