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Thursday, June 16, 2005


In case you were wondering this rainbow has nothing to do with the post I just liked it so I put it there to make you feel happy. How do you feel when you look at it?

I'm getting geared up for the big voy-age this weekend. In case you didn't know I'm taking the monklets to rendezvous with Echo's kiddies and Shanee's baby Ireland on Saturday for their 3 yr bday party. It's the first time ever I've met some blogpeople. I'm surprisingly nerviosa. Will they like us? (nervously chews nails) What if they de-blogroll me after finding out I'm much more obnoxious in real life?

After the fiesta we're spending the night at my sister's which is halfway between. A real live sleepover? I got the girls those sleeping bags with the blowup mattress bottom part in the hopes it will be more bedlike than a regular sleeping bag and they'll stay in it. HA! Then on Sunday my parents are coming for a cookout and we're going to da beach. busy busy busy.

So, the mosquitos are so bad here right now I can't even take the girls outside. They're climbing the walls going bonko with energy. (The girls not the mosquitos.)

Don't you hate it when you shave your legs and you miss a strip and you're walking around all day with a big hairy stripe leg? Yucko.

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