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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ay de mi! I have been tagged by Gina with the world's longest meme. Who invented these anyway? I actually have to think? I hate it when that happens.
10 words/sentences you love to say/say alot:
dude. (stretch out the vowel when you say it.)
do you want to go in time out?
por favor
give mommy kisses (i only say this to my kids fyi)
wanna do me a biiiiiiig favor?
put that down please.
friggosauros rex!
help me please Jesus!
9 songs you like but don't like to admit
Here I Am, the One That You Love- Air Supply
Electric Slide
Ribbon in the Sky- Stevie Wonder
Copacabana- Barry Manilow
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Oh Sherry- Steve Perry
Just a Gigolo- David Lee Roth
Pink Cadillac- Patti LaBelle?
Get Outta My Dreams Get into My Car- Billy Ocean
8 favorite items to wear
pink hibiscus bathing suit
bamboo sole flip flops that are falling apart bc the girls put them in the kiddy pool
Fresh Produce pink dress
Fresh Produce green dress
college signet ring
the ring I always wear on my left middle finger
mini hair clippy things
pink lipgloss
7 sexiest celebrities or famous people ( i can't believe i'm doing this)
vincent donofrio
the police guy on crossing jordan who was in stand by me- jerry something?
sean connery
harrison ford
benjamin bratt
eddie vedder
matthew mcconaughey
6 most irritating celebrities
michael jackson
paris hilton
leonardo dicaprio
olsen twins
5 fave things about summertime
long days
grilling out
4 places with wacky names (okay now i'm really questioning the mental state of the person who wrote this)
lake titicaca
hindu kush
pacifica, ca
3 books you've read most recently
the bible not the whole thing at once but some every day
the mermaid chair
a janet evanovich novel
2 funniest gifts you have given
an elvis memorial candle
a ceramic matador bust
1 thing you fear but find wildly intriguing
potty training twins

the insanity must stop! i tag nobody.
no wait, christi, just to irritate her and bc she has nothing else to do. and if you want to do it, knock yerself out!

added wednesday morning: okay i will admit i had a little fun doing this. and i forgot to tell folks to go to gina's and send a card to the family of the little boy who was operated on for the brain tumor. i did mine monday, gina!



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