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Friday, June 24, 2005

In case you haven't noticed my brain is weird and I have these random thought paths in my cerebral cells that branch out into lots of bizarre ideas and/or memory flashbacks. The other day I was watching the monkeys in the sandbox and all of a sudden I had this memory flash of a really cool toy ( I guess it was a toy) that I used to dig...Magic Sand!!! Who else remembers this? You poured it in water and it wouldn't get wet and dude, you could like build castles and stuff then put it back in the bottle and reuse it. It completely ruled. What happened to it?

Whenever I am searching for something I just know SOMEBODY will be selling it on eBay. I just knew somebody would be hawking a vintage bottle of Magic Sand, but alas, no dice Pablo. Some UK people are selling some newschool MagicSand kit thingies but I wanted the Aladdin bottle. From what I could tell, they don't sell it in the US anymore only in Europe. I wonder why. Can you please look in your garage and see if you have any in some old boxes for me please bc now I am obsessed with getting it. Thanks.


ps in case you didn't know Blogger is rockin' a picture tool now where you can upload pics right into your posts if you want. try it you'll like it.

pps i am so agitated. every post i type is coming out in a wacked font like this is showing up green and large print on my computer. whassupwiddat????

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