Ain't that ironic.
Saturday, July 02, 2005

"I am just so upset right now. I have never, ever experienced this with any client... ever. I have a high return rate and I care about my clients and their designs."

Ha! I am laughing out loud right now about the above quote from the blog of a girl who owns a web design company. She is talking about a client being unhappy with work she did and wanting a refund and also threatening to badmouth her company.

Funny thing is, when I wanted a new design for my blog, being the idiot that I am, instead of going straight to
Echo like I should have done in the first place, I hired her company first to make a design (because she was running a special) and I had the same problems she says this other client is claiming to have but really didn't. She says he's lying and, well, you can read the rest above.

The ironic part is when I had questions, delays, and I complained we had a difference of opinions, and after receiving a couple o' nasty emails from her, I didn't ask for a refund or badmouth her on my blog, I simply told her to keep the money and not worry about it anymore. She then sent me another message after that, telling me I would either let her finish my blog or she would "blackball" me by passing my name and personal information on to pass to all the "big name" blog design companies so that I would be labelled as a "problem client" and not be able to get my blog done.

Yep you heard it correctly. Threatening moi. Not only is that just straight up nasty business, but also super immature. Grow up already. Now I see, she's doing the same thing to other peeps, and blogging about it. Why were you even reading her blog then, you say? Easy. I accidently hit it through a link on someone's blogroll because she changed the name & url since I got jerked over. I totally admit that I do go there every now and then bc as nasty as she was, I look and see if she is still in business. When I started reading this post I mentioned, I actually thought for a second she was referrring to me since the scenario sounded so much like mine. But luckily no. Some other poor sucker.

What is my point in telling you this? The Internet can be a scary place boys and girls, though as a whole that was the first time I ever had a negative experience and lost money. And you get what you pay for. If you want a cool blog design and don't want to get ripped, I recommend
Echo. I'm not saying there aren't other good companies, just none that I can endorse from personal experience. And please note that I never ever once, now or then, mentioned her name or the name of her company on my blog. (I do see that she has hired a Christian lady recently so I really hope she has improved or will improve her business practices.)


ps christi asked me earlier how my panky toe was today. (see previous post) I took a picture of it so you can share my pain.

Note all the nice colors. Click to bigify.



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