Back is cracking, ducks are quacking.
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The girls at the park last Friday with my Grandma and her hubby whom the girls call Opi. Camera phones pics- not so clear. My dad was sprinkling crackers by their feet so the ducks would come right up to them. They were digging it, because as you know, monkey and ducks have a long social history.

i am so throbbing in pain dudes! my neck and back went out and i went to the chiropractor and now it hurts freakin' worse than before! so i have nothing clever to say except don't be dissin' the chiros- i couldn't have made it through my pregnancy without em. my boss thinks chiropractors are quacks(ha!) but I know the truth so there. i have to take a muscle relaxer and collapse now that the monkeys are bunked up for the night. i will c ya 2 morrow!


ps i'm sorry PETA! the girls misunderstood when I asked for duct tape.

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