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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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I absolutely cannot give my children a bath in the bathtub unless I scrub it vigorously first with antibacterial/antimicrobial disinfectant. It has to be a really strong one that claims to kill every bacteria and virus known to mankind. And then I have to rinse it for like a super long time to get the cleanser off.

No, no one else takes showers in the tub except me, and I don't sit down. And I carry no communicable diseases. Yet, for some reason I can't stand the thought of my baby monkeys sitting their precious bare little tookuses on anything else but a 100% germ and microbe free tub bottom.

I am not paranoid about them eating dirt or anything like that outside. I even let them ride in the grocery cart without the fabric liner thingy anymore, which I used to be paranoid about. But I cannot bear a germy tub for their bath. Am I cautious, or just straight up psychotic and compulsive?

Okay, I do tell the other older kids in the church nursery not to cough on my babies. Or breathe in their face. And I do wash my hands with antibacterial soap like every 5 seconds. But if you knew where I work, and what I do, where I actually have to touch people all day, you would get the heebie-jeebers too. And I always have AntiBacterial wipes with me when I take the girls out somewhere.

Yes, I have heard all the stuff about antibacterial really making things worse and it's better for kids to have germ exposure because it builds their immune system and all that, but it just makes me feel so much better, like I can actually hear the little germ creeps sizzling and screaming as I spray, wipe, and scrub. Die, germs, die! (evil laughter, lightning striking)

Okay, I'm a little weird- you knew that already.
Are you germaphobic too or is it just me? Say I'm a normal mommy, please.


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