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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

(key the Marvin Gaye song What's Goin' On?)

I have the pretentiouos notion that the internet cares why I haven't posted for what feels like forever but actually is only two days. On Tuesday as you may recall, my mom and I were shopping. What we were shopping for was ceiling fans for my new house. New to me. I haven't told youse the big news. I'm moving in my grandmom's house.

It's right across the street from my house and including the huge garage is almost triple the size of my current house. Neither my brother nor my sis is moving to Monkeyville as far as they know for the rest of their lives and my mom is an only child and she already has a big ole house so that leaves me and the monks. We are really blessed. I do realize that most people work their butts off their entire life to pay a mortgage or monthly rent payments. I am not taking this for granted.

The thing is though, my grandmom grew up very poor during the Depression and she saved everything. By everything I mean ev-er-ee-thing. I knew there was alot of stuff there but I did not realize what it entailed until I went through just a few of her drawers looking for pictures before the funeral. She has the ticket stubs, receipts, you name it from every vacation she ever went on. Every pill bottle from every medicine she ever took. Alot of cool sentimental stuff, and alot of crudola. In the laundry room, for example, I threw away three huge bags of trash that were like styrofoam takeout containers she had washed and dried and stacked, the owner's manuals to every appliance she ever owned, etc etc etc. She evidently never threw any towel away- it got moved down the rag totem pole and put on a different shelf as it aged. I shall never have to buy any teatowels or Tupperware containers.

I am super psyched cuz there's a huge sunporch that's gonna be the monkey playroom. I have always wanted a playroom-now my kids will have one. Everything has to be cleaned out, scrubbed, painted and moved. Loco man loco. Needless to say everything here is totally crazy cuz my mom and dad are helping me and we're trying to get it done by the time my mom and I and my sister go to Mexico. HA! Everybody should move here for a month and help, don't you think? It would be like a vacation, except you'd be working. Whaddaya say?

It would look like this. I would even let you use the toilet inside. We could make s'mores at night and sing She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain. During the day while we are working in the house we can put all the kids in the monkey pen and take shifts for diaper duty.

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