Dearest Sister Stacykins...
Monday, July 11, 2005

You're in Costa Rica on vacaciones and I'm at your house rifling furiously through all your belongings. Bwah ha ha! I'm in your room going through your personal stuff and I'm gonna drink the last Coke in your fridge. I just knocked over your pet tarantula and pulled the shelves off the wall while trying to climb up and steal your money, and next I'm gonna eat junk food while watching rubbish on TV and then fight off the Wet Bandits who think the house is empty cuz you went away for Christmas and them I'll reunite the next door neighbor with his long lost granddaughter. No, wait, that's Home Alone. Okay everything is false except the first sentence.

But seriously folks, tomorrow is my day off so my mom and I escaped (monkeyless) and drove aways over here to my sister's house and we're gonna spend the night and go shopping tomorrow. Hannah's head was not anywhere as bad as I thought it would be this morning, and she is eating like a horse, I guess trying to gain back the pound she pooped and barfed off with the virus.

Lest you assume anything about me from the last post like a. I'm some wonderful non-sinning person, and b. I'm afraid to be a bold witness, I will tell you two things.

I thought bad, bad words at work today. My brain looked like this.


I wore my favorite shirt tonight. It has this on the front.

Now, this will get some looks from folks. Especially when it's on a rainbow tiedyed t shirt.


is anyone besides me having problems opening comments on my blog? please let me know. if you do have a problem, right click the comment link and choose open in a new window.


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