They're mean mean mean, Mommy.
Thursday, July 21, 2005

So I joined a Twins message board cuz I thought it would be cool to meet/ compare notes with other twin moms. However, having the big big mouth I have, I have gotten into a debate, very heated debate, with a group of people who disagree with me on a certain (non twin related) point. Let's just say it's Bible related and leave it at that.

Meow! Talk about some attitudes honeychild. I never knew people on the internet could get so mean and nasty with each other or in my case with a person they don't even know. Of course I knew going into the discussion that I was the minority so I'm not surprised at the pies that were chunked in the general direction of my head. But I'm used to happy blogosphere people who share their opinions nicely and don't bite.

It feels good to be back here on my own little blog without the bullets and arrows whizzing by. Just baby poop and barf here. Aaaah, how soothing.Hey I wonder if Jillian's had her baby yet? I will have to go check as soon as I finish this post.

Hannah had her first tattle episode tonight- she's such a big whine baby lately. They were in the bathtub playing and Hannah yelled "Maaaaaa. mama. come 'ear." I went in and she said "Ma, sissah wawa'ed me" and pointed to her eye indicating Lily had poured water on her and it got in her eye. I wanted to laugh bc I knew she was over dramatizing and it was so freakin cute but I didn't want her to be scarred for life so I wiped her eyes and made sissy give her a hug. I have a funny feeling "Sissy wawa'ed me" is gonna be the least of the tattling from this point on in our house.

Tomorrow night is the last of VBS. I had fun but YEAH! I can finally get my life back. And my blog. And get to read other people's' blogs who think I have rejected and abandoned them.

I'm a prepreprepre Christmas shopper. I like to start buying stuff when I see it on sale as early as possible. I have few things already but today I went to Walmart at lunch and they had the Disney Princess dress up shoes half price. HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!! Those officially licensed bad boys are normally 8.88 a pair. I got them both the pink Aurora ones with marabou and beads. I was so proud of myself. Now if I can just resist giving them to the girls before December I'll be good ta go. I tried to find a pic to show you but I couldn't.

I just realized how boring this post is. I would like some suggestions on how to spice things up a bit around here. What do you think?


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