Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Imagine being on a diet and working in an office where every day they put out a big fat tray of those big soft chocolate chip and other kinds of cookies they sell in the bakery at Sam's Club. Dude that is just wrong. Remember when we had those Ghiradelli chocolate chocolate squares with assorted fillings? I do believe the employees ate more than the patients.

So last night I had a massive migraine headache. I never never ever ever had a problem with headaches until I had children. HA! Isn't that just ironic. But then again I never imagined myself cleaning poopoo out of potties either. Yes, Hannah Grace decided to go ahead and poop on the potty. Gag me. When I was cheering them on to #2 in the toity, I didn't consider the cleanup part of it. Man, what mothers do for their children. I am so buying one of those seats that goes on the big toilet the next time I go shopping.


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