Wednesday, July 27, 2005 I was saying, we have been trying to get my new house cleaned out for the big move which we were hoping was gonna happen before we go to Mexico but alas this shall not pass, my dears. The house is in great general shape overall but the living room has not been touched since before my mom graduated from college. Yikes.

I have been looking everywhere for cheap area rugs. Sheesh, who knew home furnishings could break the budget? And your kids are gonna spill crud all over em anyway? Nevertheless, I pressed on in hopes of a rug that would make my eyes and my purse equally content. I ordered it from Lowe's and the girl told me it was on their website but good thing I'm a skeptic and I took a pic just in case w my camera phone.
rugClick to bigify.
Of course you can't tell exactly but you get the general idea. My kids will be drinking clear liquids til they're in their teens. "Please don't throw up in the living room honey, hold it in til you get to the kitchen, thanks."

And I found valances there I dug too. I really never stopped to examine their decorating department before because I never had to, but I gotta tell was pretty extensive. (Wow that sounds corny when I type it huh?)

The rug and the sofa are the main two biggest items I have to have. Everything else is cool. The sofa I could not live w b/c a. dog and cat smell and b. dog and cat hair.

My current sofa was gonna get kicked to the curb anyway because it's about raggedy- I have a cover on it now and it's the second cover. I used to have a shar pei and she ate a big ole hole in the arm but that's a whole nother story involving my ex and we don't want go there.


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