Friday, February 02, 2007

Dora Starcatcher is an evil evil little Latina girl with a pet monkey who will crush and destroy you if you do not buy every piece of merchandise you find with her face on it.

The party is getting out of control. Just as in years before, I swear simplicity and bare necessities when I start planning. Then things and more things keep being added, people invited, etc. Now that there are substantial amounts of adults attending I will have to serve some real food not just kiddy crud.

On the bright side though...

The favor boxes will be the piece de resistance of the fete. I got plain boxes that look like Happy Meal boxes but bigger and I got bright colored star stickers with which to embellish them. I will also do a custom name tag for each, needless to say.

They will hold a plethora of Dora Starcatcher party paraphenalia the likes of which have never been seen this side of the Mississippi River. Plastic Dora cups, Dora stickers, Dora blowouts, Dora mini slinkies, Dora bouncy balls, Dora tops, Dora bubbles in star shaped bottles, star shaped sunglasses,
Dora twisty Rubik's Cube puzzle thingies (no I did not pay even half that price for them.) The bomb diggity thing though is I have gotten almost all of it on ebay for super duper cheap. Then I also happened to run across a site that was had all their Dora Starcatcher stuff on clearance!!

Oh yes and a big huge Dora balloon centerpiece and my sister is making
the Dora mountain cake fer sure plus individual cupcakes with Dora rings on them. Ba- dow baby.

Did I mention I found a big Dora popup ring toss game on clearance for ten bucks?
But what will the prizes for the game be? you ask...
Personalized Dora shaped chocolate lollypops!

What about a star shaped cheese ball with lovely star crackers?
Someone please stop me. Smack me up side the head with Backpack. It's an illness that is getting progressively worse.

be afraid.
"I'll suck out your brains with a lime green star shaped Sippy straw."


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