Attention all mommies...CEREAL ALERT
Monday, February 28, 2005

FYI: That new cereal Tiger Power with Tony the Tiger on the box tastes like crud-ola. I think it tastes like what that vegetable cereal would taste like in Daddy Daycare (you should watch that if you haven't seen it). They trick you by putting Tony on the box and making you believe it's gonna be GRRRRRREAT but my kids took one bite and said "Gaga" which means poopoo/trash/yucky stuff. I was all like "Mmmmmmmm it's sooooogood! Mommy likes it!" Then I popped a piece in to prove it and just about gagged. It's really cute and looks like it should be good. At first you think it will be grrrrrrrrrrrreat because it has a little layer of sugar on the outside, but it's like a Fireball; once the sugar dissolves you're screaming and spitting it out.

I want my money back!


Blogger Brandi said...

J loves Life cereal in the Honey Graham flavor. I have to admit that it is pretty tasty!

9:27 AM

Blogger Fizzy said...

Do you have Frosties? they also have the terrible tiger on. My hubby (3rd child) actually hords these and sulks if anyone eats them before him. We now buy them as birthday pressies and he puts them in a cupboard the kiddies can not reach. Very worrying.

4:20 PM

Blogger k8 said...

Okay, Life cereal- no go. They won't eat it. I was buying them the reduces sugara Froot Loops but the grocery store here soppped carrying them. That was their fave- also Honeycombs.

As for the Frosties -they're called Frosted Flakes here. They're good but too crumb-y. The monks like to eat cereal in a cup so it has to be like big pieces that don't crumble.

I used to like the mini shredded wheat with strawberry inside but they stopped makin em. Bummer.

10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say forget all that reduced-sugar crap. Just give them each a large bowl of sugar cubes. Easy to eat and gives the monkeys lots of energy. I used to eat spoonfuls out of my grandmom's sugar bowl on the kitchen table and I turned out just fine.

10:04 PM

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