Gettin all religious on ya...and other stuff
Monday, March 21, 2005

Yesterday was Palm Sunday which for us Christian peeps is the start of Holy Week. That's the week before Jesus was crucified, Easter and all that. Here's a good link to explain. You can scroll up and down on that link to read the rest if you like. The kids in church paraded around during the first song waving palm leaves. They were so precious. I think Holy Week is like hooking a big jumper cable to your faith and the other end to a big Jesus electric socket. You start to think about the whole situation and if you're me, start feeling like I need to get it together, but in a good way, not bad. If you don't go to church why don't you watch the Passion of the Christ if you haven't seen it? I think I'll rewatch it sometime this week.

I have ab-so-loot-lee got to get this stuff on eBay tonight. If you have twin girls who will be wearing like anywhere from 6 to 12 months you will dig my auctions. If you email me and prove that you're not a psycho stalker I'll send you my ebay id so's you can check them out.

Oh yes and on the template tip it's full speed ahead maybe tomorrow -I'm so excited because this site will look totally different- like a REAL LIVE PROFESSIONAL blog like the big kids have. Did I mention I'm psyched? Can you tell I have no life? Pity me people, if you must but I can't wait. Did you know this dude wrote a whole book about Blogs and the "Blog culture?" I saw it on I should so totally be in the second edition, don't you think? bah-bye now.(flight attendant voice- whoopsie no offense Katherine!) XO


Anonymous Echo said...

I remember carrying palm branches around as a child. I always loved it!

I've been eyeing a palm tree down at Walmart, and I think maybe I should get it and celebrate 'Palm Monday' as the beginning of the holy week. ;)

1:53 PM

Blogger k8 said...

Definitely!! Palm trees are the bomb and when you get a permanent house you can plant them outside bc they're super hardy, even here in Monkeyville. I have this one that my ex planted I've been trying to get rid of forever but IT WONT DIE!!

5:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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