A Monkeyville Morning
Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I have been seeing all these photo memes going around the blogosphere. Being the rebellious crazywoman that I am, I decided to invent my own self produced saga which will be similar to a meme but will also semi-answer Echo's question- "What is a day in Monkeyville like?" Today I feature photos taken during my morning escapades. I think escapades is a much more exciting word than "getting ready and driving to work," don't you? And it's much shorter to say. Let the escapades begin.
PS Escapades reminds me of Ice Capades. I always wanted to go there. The commercials made it look so thrilling and chilling. Do they still have that? If not I'll settle for Disney on Ice.


Blogger Fizzy said...

HIya, lovely pic, very arty.

I also loved the bath time pics.... I loved that time with my kids. (a yellow ducks too)

I am going to take some piccys of my life tonight. Just a few from around the house so keep an eye out for them

2:46 PM


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