Rub a Dub Dub Monkey Kids in the Tub
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Originally uploaded by Monkey Mama.

Bath time is crrrrrrraaaaaazzzy time round these parts. As soon as the monks hear me start the water to scrub out the tub, they come running. Yes, I scrub the tub before their bath cuz I'm germaphobic like that. I know I'm the only person who used it but I don't care, it has to be squeaky clean for the booboo bears.

Then we absolutely must must must remove all clothing immediately or we will just die. Off with the shirt, pants, socks, and diapers. I have to get em in there quick so they don't pee on my lovely berber carpet. The orange thingys in their ears are plugs because they have tubes in their ears. I like to give them cool mohawks and crazy horns when I'm shampooing so they can laugh at each other.

Proceed with splashing, pouring of water, squeezing of tub toys, scrubbing selves w washclothes, paddling like little fishies, etc.etc. Must scream NONONONONONO when it's time to get out even though toes look like shrivelled little albino raisins. Dry off, lotion times 2, pullups, and we're off. It's a system people, a well oiled machine.


Anonymous Laura said...

Awwww, I love this layout!!!

I got here from the plug on Echo's site. Your girls are just precious. I have twins too, and I LOVE seeing pictures of other people's monkeys! :-)

10:04 PM

Blogger k8 said...

I know, right? I could eat it right up it's so cute!!! I'm telling all my family like go look at it now have you looked at it yet why not???

10:23 PM

Anonymous Echo said...

What LaLa isn't telling you is that she has TWO sets of twins (and another daughter). My goodness! She is my idol! lol

Bathtime around here is fun now that Jaylen isn't afraid of the water anymore. When he was smaller he slipped in the tub (sitting down), so he was afraid of baths. As he got older I tried bringing him into the shower and he is now finally getting over the water coming down on him! The two of them play with a rubber ducky, a cup, and three little boats. So cute! I bathe with them because I rarely get a moment to myself (I know you can relate), and it's easier to bathe the three of us at once. I put shampoo in their hair as soon as it's wet, then let the water rinse it out as they play. SO MUCH EASIER!

10:56 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

I found your site through Echo and you are a daily read now! Your girls are just too cute!:)

1:21 AM

Blogger Fizzy said...

Way hay - wonderful girls and ducks. I love the new layout.

7:37 AM

Blogger Fizzy said...

I am throwing a stick at ya from my blog.

9:24 AM

Anonymous Barbara T said...

I like it, I love it, can't get enough of it. But the pics make me home sick. I had to go to Jacksonville (250 mi from here) to pick up my son and I had such monkeymania withdrawl. Your fault k8. My son thinks I'm addicted to this puter he doesn't know I'm really addicted to this web site.

7:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:48 AM

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