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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I don't go in to work til 12 today so, ha, silly old me, I thought I would get some more stuff on ebay in the couple of hours I have left of the a.m. When the girls got up, they refused to put pants on. Now you can say"A 2 year old can't refuse to do something-you can make them do it." Yes, I could have held them down and put the pants on them but I don't feel like it - I'm off work this morning! Plus, if you're a mommy, you know that you pick your battles, and this is not one I care to fight.

So, I gave them juice and cereal, and turned on the TV. O-MA-GOSH YOU DID WHAT??!!? Don't even go there okay, because I could have sent them to their playgroup place/babysitter this morning and had the house to myself to do whatever I want but NO I kept them here with me so stop it. And they only watch Noggin which is educational when they watch TV at all.

They were okay at first, before I came back here into my room over the gate, we played, we kissed, we snuggled, etc. As soon as my foot hit the floor in my room- waaaaaah! Nothing wrong. It's like a switch. I go over the gate back out, they stop yelling. I get back over the gate they start. So I am ignoring them and typing this in between listing stuff on ebay. Can you hear them??? I thought so.


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