Will they still get a kick out of this when they're big enough to use a real one?
Saturday, March 05, 2005

A couple of weekends ago we went to a birthday party where the little girl had a toy vacuum cleaner. The monkeys went ape over it. (Groan.) No seriously they always want to push the big vacuum and a mini one?- pure unbridled excitement. The little chickadee who had the bday is not used to sharing(to put it nicely) and did not grasp the concept of "taking turns" which the monkeys have had to do since they were born. There were a lot of "MINE MINE MINE"s and I WANT IT NOW"s going on. She kept ripping the vacuum from the girls and (I am not lying) when no adults were looking shut Hannah in the closet in her room to keep her from having the vacuum. Not to mention that there were a kazillion other toys in her room plus everything she had just gotten new for her birthday. I had the instinctive mother bear urge to put the smack down but luckily I controlled it.

Their Grandma went and bought them their own since they're spoiled rotten. Should I tell you it was on the way home from the party? No. Then you would really think they're spoiled. Here they are vacuuming Grandma and Grampy's house for them. Always wear sunglasses when vacuuming- it's more fun that way.

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