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Friday, March 04, 2005

Don't worry it's just Nyquil. Quick post before I collapse into a lifeless lump of lard. Just now got back from shopping trip. Woke up this a.m. feeling like I was getting something funky and had a scratchy throat. No bueno cuz Lily has had a little runny nose for 2 days. Thank God their stuff doesn't turn into full blown gunkiness since they got tubes. But mommy doesn't have tubes. So as the day progressed...more and more sleepy since I haven't been sleeping well anyway plus yucky stuff zapping strength and making me hack. So we went to Kohl's and I resisted tons of cute monkey apparel since they already have a summer wardrobe like Imelda Marcos has shoes. Did I mention that when I was in AZ a few weeks ago I went to my fave store on the West Coast that we don't have here on the East Coast - Mervyn's. All their summer clothes were out and on sale. Ay de mi! I shipped it all back here to myself and then when it arrived...Christmas in February. Such cute stuff so unbeweevably cheap! I mean like shorts for 2 and 3 buckaroos dudes. How can you resist?

Back to my original point. I had been on the Kohl's website bc my mom got a coupon for 20% off the entire purchase INCLUDING SALE AND CLEARANCE stuff. I had seen this dress but I didn't get my hopes up bc it's rare to find 2 of the same size. I'm all about the sailor dresses for the boo bears. Slap on a cute little sailor hat and white sandals and you must resist eating them up right then and there. Lo and behold- we're in the store and SHAZAAM my mom finds 2 in the monkey size. Yes people, 18 each plus 20% off. Do the math and rock on. I got some other stuff too which I will detail later.

Much enjoyment was had by all. Then we went to my sister's house and I was so zapped I crashed until she got home from work and was sawing logs. Just enough energy to hit the Mexican restaurante then WalMart to get my beds. The layaway chick is ringing me up and she's like wait a minute. I was thinking oh crud please don't let them have put my beds back. I forgot I had also put some clothes on the layaway too. Turns out the clothes had since been put on clearance and they subtracted the difference from my bill and I owed like 20 less. So nice.

Then some other stuff- pullups wipes etc and we're out. I was so happy to get home though. When I came in yippee skippy, my computer desk from Target had gotten here. The estimated ship date was March 8. I have been sitting on the floor to use my computer here and decided to search for a little desk bc I don't have much room. Found this one on Target.com and it was on sale for like 79.99 at the time and free shipping too which would normally be 35. The big question is- when will I get to put it together? Stay tuned for more on this suspenseful event.

Was this post supposed to be short? Oh well, I'm off to dreamland. My precious babes were sleeping when I got home both with their Mr. Lambykins in a chokehold. Who is Mr. Lambykins? you ask. Too tired to get into that one- maybe another day.


Blogger Fizzy said...

Again I am worn out reading your post... I really thought I could talk but...
and you are ill!!!

I hopeyou had a really good good sleep.
I think the dresses are really really really cute.

Right going to post -- but I am not too sure on what yet.

3:06 AM

Anonymous Barbara T said...

Ohhhh k8t... you are such a gifted gabber. I look forward to reading the on going saga of the monkey mama and the primate princesses. Its better than the book I'm reading. Keep on posting and posting and posting. Love ya

8:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:09 AM

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