Whine and Cheese
Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Can a girl get her 8 hours of sleep any time soon? I'm dragging my butt around trying to stay awake by drinking copious amounts of coffee. Seems like I can't get to bed on time lately , and when I am tired the monkeys don't want to cooperate. I have to be at my job at 7AM people. Not an easy task to achieve, We have been so busy lately plus I have a bunch of side projects going on when I'm not seeing patients. When I get home I want to fling myself on the sofa and chill. The sofa part is easy but as soon as lay down, if I close my eyes, I can get injured. They're bringing me toys and books they want to play with with them and they don't understand that chunking a Little People Sweet Sounds House on my gut is slightly painful. Ugh! Don't even ask about the laundry situation or the state of my kitchen floor.

Last night my dad went to the hospital for what they thought was influenza but turned out to be bronchitis and you know how long it takes at the emergency room. I was waiting up to hear from my mom who didn't get to call til 12. Then the alarm goes off at 5:45. Calgon, take me away! Can't wait til the weekend.


Blogger Fizzy said...

ooooooo poor you. Plan something really realy self indulgent for your self this weekend. Let me know. And give those cheeky monkeys big cuddles they are sooo cute. Cheer up. Ihope your dad gets better soon

3:42 AM


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