Yesterday sick and tired, today sick and wired!
Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DO THE HAPPY DANCE ! We are getting Verizon DSL and yup, yup as soon as I found out I went online and signed up! I can't wait! No more waiting for an eternity to log on, get email ,view pages, make posts! I just gotta wait to get the setup package in the mail. Yeehaw! Yes, I'm overly excited but you have no idea how slow the dialup is here.

I'm not going to Philly anymore cuz I'm too sick. Good and bad. No Ikea, but I won't have to away from my babies either. They're having the same meeting in May in Memphis so I gues I'll just have to fly down. Always wanted to visit Graceland. Not really but it's like in small print on the bottom of the Constitution that if you're a real American and you're in Memphis you have to go to Elvis Presley's house. I promise.

If you want to see the rest of the album that goes with this huggy picture below, just click this link. Huggy kissy monkey pics


Anonymous Barbara T said...

great huggy and kissy pics. Wish i was there to get in on the huggy and kissy times. hugggies and kissies from me to the monkies and to the monkey mama. oh oh oh, to the monkey grandparents too.

10:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Just found your blog via the Progressive Christians Bloggers Network. I also have identical twin girls. Mine just turned 8 months. You can find our family homepage here – with lots of pictures - and my blog (if you’re interested) here. You’re girls are very cute! Best wishes. Chuck Currie

10:12 PM

Blogger Blue said...

Just popped in through bloghub, just saying hello. Nice blog :)

4:51 PM


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