Thursday, August 25, 2005

Today my mom and I worked alot in the house. She is still trying to wade through the mounds of old papers and stuff and shred them. There is so much. I've been doing misc. stuff here and there trying to get it going but the task is overwhelming. My brother power washed the back and front for me. He acts like he's doing me a favor but really he's pretending that he's shooting lots of bad guys. He was listening to an MP3 while he was doing it. I think the song was Eye of the Tiger.

Here are some random photos of today. If you click on each big picture as it's showing you can read what I wrote to explain it.

Also, this is what the girls were doing when I looked up tonight. They were actually having imaginary conversations while writing.
august 25 2005 003
This is what happens when the babysitter stays on the phone too much. Monkey see, monkey do. Ahem. ::cough mom:: I wonder from whence this behavior came.

Okay I'm going to crash now. Can any of you babysit tomorrow? Come about 10am. Thanks.


ps i put this banner up top. i have been reading about rebekah through steve's site. having kids and seeing this is so heartwrenching. please keep this little girl and her family in your prayers.


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