Alright, now people.
Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When you look at the movie, do you see a website name? That's your top secret undercover clue on the video thing.

I lost 8 pounds this week.

Susie tagged me with this totally bizarre meme and I read it earlier but I'm too lazy to look it up again so I will be a slacker and post what I remember from it...

weirdest habit...i am constantly spraying this
Pure Citrus orange stuff around my house. it's all natural - made from oil out of orange peels and it smells like you just peeled an orange. i am obsessed with citrus- it's my fave-o-rite smell. second place smell goes to anything that smells like baked goods.

longest facial hair sprouting..has to be my eyebrows. i'm constantly picking and trimming and tweezing them.

earliest memory...when i was at preschool and they told us not to use this certain wooden seesaw bc it was coming apart and i ignored them and got on it and slid down it and got a big splinter jammed in my buttcheek and they couldn't hold me down so they called my dad to restrain me and they played my favorite record Thumbelina (which was the cool read along kind where tinkerbell waves her wand and you turn the page) while they were digging it out of my butt and I was screaming.

ok perhaps that's enough sharing for one evening.


ps aw man have u seen this video. ??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
» » »

12:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

10:37 AM


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