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Monday, January 16, 2006

Dude, have you seen all the new year's Nutrisystem commercials? Well I told the chicks over at our group weight loss blog that Tee made that I'm going on it and so're my Mom and Dad. I've received the verbal abuse from proponents of the other diet systems out there- most predominantly Weight Watchers. My sister did awesome with that last year.

But see here's the thing. I need, reallllly need something to get me jump started and right now is not the time of my life that I can focus on all that type stuff like weighing chopping counting points and all that. This is where Nutrisystem comes into play. All their stuff is premade- you get a month's worth of breakfast, lunches, snacks ,dinners, and desserts shipped to your lovely home and all you do is follow the directions and stuff. Nope, it's not realistic to say that I will adhere 100% to this plan bc a girl needs her chocolate every now and then but I will do my darndittydarndest to start exercising, following the regime, and see what happens.
I know I can't stay on it forever and I have to relearn portion sizes, but I like the whole "already cooked" idea. Plus since my mom and dad are doing it too, we will all be cheering each other on to victory.

You add in your own dairy, vegetables, and fruits with the daily schedule so it's not all processed foods. I was worried the servings would be microscopic but my first shipment came in a case the size of a small coffin. Upon opening the box and examining the contents I found boxes and boxes of foods, all labelled nice and clear for you. Do not eat the dinner one for lunch or an alarm might go off, I've heard.
Yeah RIGHT. Let's check it out:
nutrisystemarrives! 001

Click to biggify and see notes- click this to see the set and see inside other boxes.

Tomorrow is the big D Day when we'll see if this thang is do-able or not. Also on the list- drink water and exercise. Hmmmm, how many calories does each keystroke on a computer take off?

I will keep most of my weight related musings over on that weigh loss blog unless something comes up about which I cannot resist informing you here. I dont wanna bore you with entries like-" Swam two laps, lost breath intermittently, did 10 lunges and 3 squats- man my thighs were burnin'!"

It's back to the real world tomorrow kiddos- let's see what happens...when all is said and done 1 person will definitely lose weight from this program- the UPS man- cuz man them is some craaazy heavy boxes.


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