I would love to have this kind of enthusiasm for laundry.
Sunday, January 01, 2006

I got one of these ZoomAlbum kits from Michael's Crafts on clearance last week. I really thought it looked too complicated but since it was so cheap and looked cute I went with it. Man, they are precious and super easy to figure out. I hope my sister remembered to go get me some more before they're gone. (cough, cough) Here's a Christmas one I did. (Click to bigify.)
jammykids 017
jammykids 016

Hannah and Lily got play washing machines for a late Christmas gift and they are really cool. They come with laundry detergent boxes, hangers, clothes, and they have real buttons that make the toy make noises like filling with water, washing, rinsing, etc. And they spin like crazy too! (They're the really nice front loading kind.) Here, Hannah gets excited over the wash process, while Lily wanders off to get her nightly pedicure and facial.

jammykids 002
jammykids 003
jammykids 004"YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Note Christmas Carnage all around, and yes, my tree is still up. It's the only thing I have left and I'm procrastinating because I love it so.

Another note: The kids have redeye bc I'm trying to not spend so much time blogging and I usually crop and fix the pix before I post but that takes extra time.

I am so in denial that I go back to work tomorrow. I'm not going. No. No. No.

Crud. I'm going.

Let's end with a random dose of cutiticity (I just made that word up, do you like it?)

jammykids 009


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