WARNING: boring post do not read. I'm serious.
Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another Saturday night and another lovely evening in front of my trusty computer monitor.

Today sucked- the chimpies woke up much earlier than I thought they would and started yelling. They know I like to ignore them for as long as possible if I'm still in bed, so they lay down and yell as loud as they can through the bottom of the door where the gap is "mMMAAAAAAAAAAAA! I wanchuuuu MAAAAAA! gemeeeoutaaaaaaaheaw mommy! i'm awake now mooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmy. come git me maaaa." Oh lawd. So since I was rudely awakededed by these, I was stupified all day with fatigue.

Last night I actually went out of my house with humans that were not related to me and are of my age group. We went to a cool Irish pubby type place and I interacted freely with other like minded humans. Course, this being the boonies and all, you know you're gonna see at least 10 people you know and want to see or better yet don't want to see and that's always lovely.

At this cool new pub they have Woodchuck Cider on tap. That's one of my fave beverages and on tap makes it even bettah. An acoustic guitar dude was the live entertainment and he was playing like mostly 60's & 70's stuff like James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, lots of cool mellow tunes, man.

I did nothing today. A wasted Saturday. I am in a funk/ depression type thing. I will psychoanalyze myself and tell you that it's like a post-holiday thing combined with it being the first Christmas ever without my Grandmom, in conjunction with having no money and being fat as a house from eating too much at Christmas. See, don't you feel better about yourself already? AND on top of all that the weather here is dreary- freezing cold, cloudy, rainy off and on- that's how it's been for 2 weeks now.

I have the song "Love Will Turn You Around" from that Kenny Rogers movie Six Pack on repeat on my iPod. Does anyone but me remember that movie? Kenny was a hot race car driver. Man that was a long time ago.

I'm boring. I'm bored. Now you are too. I told you not to read this.

Pic for my sister...P1010003

Do you ever wish time had a rewind button, not to do things over, but just to go back and be in a minute or hour of your life that you remember with much fondness and relive it one more time to get that happiness and joy back. Even if you couldn't relive it, if you could just watch from the sidelines, that would be nice too. I know what "they" say to that proposition- it's never as great as you remember it. But I'd still like to try anyway.

ok that's all.



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