Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One of my bestest friends in the world is this wacky chick I've never even met in person. Her name is Christi.
love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She lives in South Carolina and owns 2 of the 4 cutest kids on the planet. We started our blogs about the same time and found that we both needed professional help and lots of chocolate.

Before our schedules got wacked out we used to party all nite on Yahoo Instant Messenger and stalk people like we did Kurt that one time. Man, those were the good ole days. We talk on the telefono, like real live peoples, and we send each other love letters thru the United States Postal Service. In addition, we have betrothed my girls to her son TJ when he gets old enough to decide which he wants. One day, like this year fer sure we will meet in person and music will play and everything will get slow motion and fuzzy and we will suddenly be in a field of flowers and we will run into each others' arms and vow to never be apart again...until one of our kids starts screaming.

Well, at Christmas time she sent me this awesome package of monkey themed goodies- it is a veritable treasure trove of chimpy merchandise. I have been doling the things out little by little as bribes to my kids. My 2 fave things in the package are highlighted w arrows below.
monkeystuff 003
In case you can't tell, the pink arrow is pointing towards a monkey photo album thingy and the pink arrow is pointing to a Walmart Receipt.

The picture book is cool for obvious reasons-fuzzy, blue, monkey on front- but the Walmart receipt is my total fave bc I know she didn't accidentally put it in there- she wanted me to feel like I was a part of her life- like I was experiencing shopping with her at Walmart. Thank you, Christi. That is so special, and something I will always cherish.

The bad thing is, she busted her cover bc although she tries to write her blog posts like she is sooooooo busy, when we zoom in on the receipt, we get clues as to what she is really doing with her time. I had a suspicion that she drops the kids off at a babysitter and lazes around all day. Now, I know for certain.
monkeystuff 004

Shaaaaaaaaaaame on you Christi.
"Shame!" I say again.

Thought you could trick me did ya?

ps anyone who wants to is free to steal the sanctity of life button over on the side. the link is really cool.

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