Please, call me Kiki.
Monday, January 16, 2006

Guess where I am?
No, wrong.
No, wrong.
Noooooooooo WRONG!

Here's a clue.


It's the Baby Starlet Ava E ! I'm on a mini-vacation over at her casa since I have off today.

When my sister and I were deciding what we wanted each other's kids to call us, I decided that we should have cool country club aunt names like Fifi and Buffy. So, we have taught my kids to call her Taytay and Ava to call me Kiki. Yes, I know it's a liiiiiiiiiittle bit wacky but you know how we roll dawgs.

Speaking of wacky, here's how they get some excitement going around here- Ava gets in the office chair and one of them pushes her in it and they try to "get" the dog. Ava screams with excitement and Torydog bounces around like she's on springs and barks intermittently "More! More!"

ava jan 06
These crazy kids.

ps i'm a loser- i only got 17 comments on the De-Lurker thing. you know what, that's fine. JUST FINE.

i totally understand that it's difficult for you to express your love for me in words. and that's okay.

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