Lost: My sanity
Sunday, February 26, 2006

In the picture below I may look semi normal but truth be told, it was just a fleeting moment of serendipity. I took it on the way to a friends' house for dinner with my mom- the setting sun was so bright I wanted to see what it looked like on my face. Plus I wanted to remember how I felt right then- happy and expecting fun.

Yesterday the girls were good in the morning then after their nap they did the paint poop on the wall thing again. Except this time there was more, it was stinkier, and grosser. I don't understand- they get so much attention all day long. By the time I discovered it, it had dried like glue on the walls and took multiple scrubbings to remove. And the smell takes like 72 hours to completely go away.

I looked it up on the internet and it says kids who do this need more sensory experiences like play doh and making bread? So I will try something like that today. I try to be a good mom, I really do, but lately it's getting crazy. I'm getting crazy.

This morning while eating her cereal Lily grabbed for something she wasn't supposed to have and turned over her entire new bowl of cereal w milk on the table and floor. I know it was an accident. But it's just one thing like that after another- some intentional like poop painting, some unintentional. I started crying, really. I was trying to about 4 things to get them ready on time and had to stop everything to clean this big slop up and fix a new bowl. The girls said "Stop it mommy, stop that please." (about me crying)

I'm off to get ready for church myself- hopefully I can find some sanity there.

(1/5 of poop paint mural) I think I see an angelfish swimming, do you?

ps i really do love my churrens, the little whippersnappers.
poopoo 012

pps this blog is like therapy for me.

ppps i'm with echo on this. is this thing on?? where is everybody? are they ignoring me cuz I haven't been to their blog in a few days? ??????
i'm trying to figure out why so few people leave comments when you can leave them anonymously if you want and u don't even have to put in a secret scrambled letter word. yikes and eek.


Blogger Brandi said...

HOLY MOLY with the poop om the wall. J has never done that THANK GOD! I have heard stories from my mother that I used to do it BLUSH!

11:14 AM


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